Adding your web email to Gmail

By January 11, 2013 February 13th, 2024 No Comments

I often have clients that want a specialized email address that matches their business branding and we can set those up very easily for our clients.  But they often also want to have all of their email in one place and most of the common web services make that very easy to do.  I am going to focus on Gmail because I am a Gmail user and I am one of those people that wants all of my emails in one simple place.  So here are some easy instructions for tying your email accounts together:

    1.  Start by logging into your Gmail account as normal.
    2. Click on the Settings drop down on the far left of the screen:
    3. Then navigate to the “Accounts and Import” tab:
    4. Then scroll down to the “Check mail from other accounts using POP3 (suitable for most situations) section and click on the “Add a POP3 mail account you own” link:
    5. Then enter the email address
    6. Enter the username (full email address) as well as the Password. Be sure to select the option to label incoming accounts (helpful for filtering) as well as “leave copies of retrieved mail on the server to ensure you don’t ever lose your email.add-password-and-settings
    7. Then select the ability to send mail from the receiving address:
    8. Then set the name for sending email (I always remove “Treat as an alias” because it can trigger some spam messages with some mail services):
    9. Finally you will be asked to verify your email with a code or by clicking the link received from that email address.  My clients can typically access their mail through a webmail located at domain

    That should do it.  Once you have verified your email address, you should be able to send and receive email from your new email addresses directly through your Gmail account.