Melissa Youssef for City Council was a great site that was utilized to present the brand and platform of local Melissa Youssef in her bid for Durango City Council. We focused on an easy and clean way for Melissa to continue to share her message as well as news and updates during her campaign. Once she won, Melissa was able to make some minor changes to the site in order to continue to utilize it to share the work that she has completed and continues to take on issues as Durango’s Mayor in 2019.

For this site, we built a blogging centered website that could allow Melissa to easily add new news posts, mayor editorials and platform news and updates. The result was a beautiful, easy to navigate and use site that we feel does a great job of highlighting her platform as well as helping her to build a solid voter base and a simple place to share her message.  We also designed a fresh and clean logo to help Melissa build her brand both online and off.


We think it turned out to be a beautiful, intuitive, and powerful website and brand.   Check it out and let us know what you think!

Check it out at: